Sunday, November 27

Isaiah 2:1-5 As soon as the Russian invasion of Ukraine began nine months ago, analysts began comparing this aggression to similar acts in history. Attempts to understand and predict how this particular war might unfold relied heavily on past military strategies. Commentators compared current leaders to past ones. While technological advances always alter the logistics […]

Wednesday, November 23

Revelation 22:11-17 How do you comfort a church that is experiencing severe persecution? When Roman emperors Nero and Domitian persecuted the Christian community, leading to some of the worst suffering in church history, John responds by writing this book of Revelation. As chaos surrounds Christ’s followers, they hear this glorious description of the city of […]

Sunday, November 20

Colossians 1:1-14 Gratitude undergirds an authentic Christian life. Responding gratefully to God’s love is the persistent rhythm of the faithful. Scripture cues this call and response, by declaring God’s life-giving love for us, then inviting those who receive it to live in gratitude for God’s gift. From the beginning, God says to the liberated Hebrews, […]