Monday, January 10

John 2:3-4

As the oldest child of deaf parents, my mother grew up with a heightened sensitivity to the needs around her. Her uncanny intuition about who was hurting filled her life with a steady rhythm of compassionate outreach. Because she so often recognized moments for ministry, people around her often received the word or action they needed at just the right time. And some around her received the urging they needed to get involved and offer care. If she were reading today’s text about Mary involving Jesus in this wedding dilemma, it would make perfect sense to her. 

The mother of Jesus lives with empathy. She knows how to read a situation and recognize a moment for ministry. Maybe the tension behind the serving table heightens her concern that the newlyweds’ celebration might end before it should. Or perhaps she reads the tense shoulders and argumentative frowns when the steward reports that the carafes are empty. Does she overhear the couple telling each other this isn’t the end of the world, while sounding like it might be the end of something? Would their life from this day forward become more calculated, less abundant? Would they spend their marriage fearing that some sort of drought was on its way? 

Mary knows that her son could make this situation better. Jesus responds that he is just a guest, relaxing with friends and not yet on the clock. In what tone do you hear him say, “Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come” (v. 4)? And what expressions do you see spreading across their faces as they look at each other and the plot shifts? Does the Son of God appreciate anew the mother God gave him, one whose heart knows the moment for ministry when she sees it?


Who encourages you to share God’s love with the world? Who do you encourage to do that?


God, help us see the times when your love is needed, and share it. Amen.

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