Saturday, November 12

2 Corinthians 3:1-18

On a busy Tuesday, I received a peculiar phone call. “Would you be willing to have someone do their community service hours at your workplace?” I paused. Who is this person who would be working here? I wondered if they had any references. My colleague on the phone replied, “His name is Roger. Just hear what he has to say.”

One minute into talking with Roger, I knew that God was at the center of our conversation. Following the death of his beloved, Roger’s life had spiraled into alcohol, drugs, and eventually incarceration. He had hit rock bottom and was working to dig his way out. I could see that God had brought us together, and I was determined to help. It’s what I felt in my heart God was calling me to do.

Roger immediately melded into the fabric of our office as if he had been there forever. Once he finished his community service hours, we had a big party to welcome him as a full-time employee.

How often have we tried to hide our flaws in our recommendation letters, choosing to appear overconfident rather than soulfully honest? As Paul reminds us, we are letters from Christ with all that we are—and that also includes the bumps on our journey. God is at work in us and through us. Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God (v. 4). 


List words that describe your authentic self. Reflect on what is holding you back from living out these words. What are ways to continually be pure-hearted and vulnerable in all that we do? 


God, make us open to the ways that you are at work within us and through us. Teach us to continually give ourselves to you. Amen.

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