Saturday, September 24

Psalm 146

When we step too far away and find ourselves in danger, praise be to God, who seeks us with the compassionate strength of a shepherd.

When we hide between the nooks and crannies of sin and doubt, praise be to God, who seeks us like a determined, desperate widow in search of a lost treasure.

When we need to be set free to find our own way, praise be to God, who welcomes us home with the warmth of a loving parent.

When we substitute good deeds for devotion to God, praise be
to God, who comes to us with holy wisdom and says, “All I have
is yours.”

Psalm 146 praises God who never stops working in the world. God ceaselessly feeds those who hunger for bread and those who hunger for righteousness. God ceaselessly opens the eyes of the blind (v. 8). God picks up those who have been cast down and those who have cast themselves away. 

The God whom we seek constantly seeks us. Sometimes we feel forgotten by God. We feel left alone to drown in our doubts, fears, and grief. But the good news is that the search for us is on. God’s Spirit is set loose in the world. No distance is too far; no doubting is too great.


When you imagine God seeking after you, what image resonates with you? That of a strong shepherd, a determined widow, a loving parent, a compassionate friend?


Ever-seeking God, thank you that you will never stop seeking me. Turn my heart and spirit towards you so that I will realize your love and devotion anew. Amen.

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