Tuesday, August 4

2 Corinthians 5:6-10

The first few days as a new parent feel much like walking blindfolded into an unfamiliar room. Everything is new and all your senses are heightened. There’s often a dance between parent and baby. It’s the process of their getting to know each other through touch and sound and smell. It’s the way they figure out who each one is in relation to the other and open their hearts to love. 

Babies work on instinct. When they’re hungry or tired or in pain, they cry. The job of new parents is to listen to those cries and attend to their baby. My experience of being a new parent brought a rush of emotions and worries. I worked slowly as I changed the first few diapers. I worried about how much food was too much or too little for our infant. I delicately held my child as not to hurt her. Yet over time, the two of us learned to be together. Almost as if we were one. Together we learned to trust that we were both being held. 

The lessons of becoming a parent are lessons I carry with me in my faith. Sometimes I need to be careful about what I say or do. I need to read and learn and talk with others about my faith. Yet, many times, this life of discipleship is best learned and lived in the day-to-day experiences we have in community. When we come together to sing, pray, and hear God’s word, we open ourselves to the gifts of others and the experience of God’s presence. We get to open our hands to the One who goes with us, forever leaning into Christ. 


At what times in your life have you had to rely on the help of others? What did you feel during those experiences? What did you learn?


God, teach me to lean into your love and grace in all that I do and say today. Amen.

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