Wednesday, December 1

Jeremiah 29:13-14

I have attended church for most of my life. I value worship with the community of faith. I’ve experienced the benefit of a disciplined life studying Scripture. I love being in the house of God and spending time with folks who love the Lord. Nothing touches me more than to witness new or returning believers journeying with God. Their excitement, joy, and hunger for the Lord feed my spirit.

Conversely, I’ve had seasons in my life when I doubted God and that doubt turned into distance from God. There were situations that I thought God should have warned me about or protected me from. I decided to put up walls and guardrails to protect myself from those who offended and harmed me. In hindsight I realize that my efforts to protect myself from others also created distance from God. I chose self-preservation instead of turning to God in prayer. I dismissed the spiritual discipline of fasting and chose to fend for myself.

Jeremiah’s prophecy of restoration has geographical implications; however, I believe seeking God with our whole heart brings forth restoration of the heart as well. There is a grounding and centering that comes when we return to God. I believe this heart restoration is greater than location restoration.

When we seek the Lord with all of our heart through the hurt, disappointment, pain, and confusion, we will find a Lord that hears our cries and restores our joy. This restoration may not be immediate. It can take time, but God meets us as we turn back, and it is worth it.


What roadblocks get in the way of my relationship with the Lord?


Holy Spirit, I give you all of me today. Show me any gaps in our relationship. Amen.

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